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ESG is growing in importance to investors, governments, communities and our other stakeholders. At Discovery, ESG plays a crucial role in how we make decisions, manage risks and create value.

Discovery’s Board of Directors (“Board”) is responsible for oversight of our Company’s business and seeks to ensure that we conduct our business with high standards and integrity. Through its framework and mandate, the Board provides strategic direction, establishes and reviews corporate policies, oversees management decisions, reviews the adequacy of our systems and internal controls, and monitors the implementation of our policies.

The Board also has overall responsibility and oversight of management’s risk management practices. Risk management oversight is carried out by the Board through both the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and the Audit Committee. 

Our Board is a diverse, highly engaged group that provides strong, effective oversight of our Company. Our Directors have the qualifications, skills, and experience needed to inform and provide oversight of ESG.

Discovery has a number of corporate policies to ensure we operate with high standards, integrity and in line with our Mission. These policies are annually reviewed by Board Committees to re-assess their adequacy. Recommended changes are then submitted to the Board for approval. 

Framework and mandate

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