• Sustainability


Health and Safety

Our goal is to have no work-related injuries. We want every individual to go home safely, and we all strive to work towards this goal. We have an Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Management System that includes procedures that our employees, contractors and sub-contractors must adhere to. We have been continuously building our health and safety culture and encourage each team member to act as a safety leader.


Our people are one of our greatest assets. We are committed to creating an inclusive, diverse and supportive work environment. To us, that means respecting and valuing differences, creating a psychologically safe environment, and empowering our people. We genuinely believe that this is the foundation of trust, belonging and shared motivation. An engaged and talented team strengthens the value we bring to the communities where we live, work and operate.

Community Relations

We strive to be a company that communicates openly and transparently, listens and is responsive to local interests and concerns. We aim to support local communities, paying special attention to visible minorities and economically vulnerable groups identified through our social baseline study. We aim to create shared value with local communities so that many can benefit from mining development, through the creation of jobs and hiring locally. We believe that by working together and understanding what is important to communities, we can develop the social license required to sustainably explore, develop and operate the Cordero project.

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