• The Future of Silver Lives Here

    Discovery Silver is developing one of the world's largest silver deposits

    Silver demand is expected to soar as the global shift to green energy takes off. Discovery offers direct investment exposure to this paradigm shift through our Cordero Project, one of the most exciting and expansive silver projects globally.

  • Our Vision

    Our plan is to build one of the largest silver mines globally

    We have the team and the track record to transform the Cordero deposit into one of the largest silver mines in the world. We plan on doing so whilst maintaining best practices for health & safety, community relations and the protection of the environment.

  • A Critical Metal for a Green Future

    Silver is an essential element for green energy due to its unique qualities

    Silver has the highest conductivity and reflectivity of all the elements. These unique qualities mean silver is an essential component in electric vehicles, solar energy and energy storage. 

    Silver also plays a critical role as an inflation hedge given its scarcity.  

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